Hitman Absolution Review

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Hitman absolution was released in 2012 and was produced by IO Interactive, and published by Square Enix.Hitman is a franchise about, exactly that, a hitman. Hitman, also called Agent 47, is part of a secret organization known as “The Agency”. People from the Agency call Agent 47 for hits on people. He is always on demand because of his flawless record. He is not a normal person, mind you, he is a clone, of which there are more, that is why he has a barcode on the back of his head.

Unlike a popular webkinz game, the plot of this game starts just after Hitman: Blood Money. (SPOILER ALERT for those who din’t play, and want to play that game) Diana Burnwood, who was Agent 47’s handler, turns rogue, this makes her a liability for the agency, so the first mission starts by you controlling Agent 47, just outside Diana’s safe-house. Now the handler of the agency is Benjamin Travis, who asks you to kill Diana, and retrieve a teenage girl who she took away from the agency.

SPOILER ALERT As the title says (Absolution), you must control Agent 47, as he takes on a journey to exonerate himself from his past hits for the evil Agency. In the game you must act with stealth to complete the objective in each mission, although you could just act like a loose gun and shoot your way through the levels, however this generally gives you negative points in each level.

A great addition to the game is the ability to create your own mission, choosing which people you kill, with what, and wearing what. You do this by playing, proving that it is actually doable. You can then submit these contracts, and play ones made by others. Also, to keep you entertained the campaign has challenges in each mission, giving you ideas of ways to complete the level. This game has changed from previous games, some have criticized these changes, but as I was not an avid fan of older Hitman games, I didn’t take the differences as important.

A big criticism is how the game manages how you remain unseen (when wearing a disguise), by using a power bar, which makes it as likely to be spotted with a disguise as without it. However I see this management as much more intelligent, as you can’t hide indefinitely, which is unreal. Another problem is that there is no ability to close some doors which would help hide body’s, like doors in the bathroom. Also, I would have added the ability to hide bodies in different ways, not just through bins, of which there seems to be too many, this would make the game more real, and give the player much more creativity. Furthermore, when you use one of the many checkpoints placed around the game, after you die, or choose in the menu to return to the last checkpoint, the guards are placed as they were before you entered the game, and any alert by guards disappears. This is a big flaw in the game, which sometimes helps players, but sometimes makes it more difficult to proceed.

A problem I spotted is that when you have a lethal item equipped (such as knife, scissors, etc.), and throw it at an enemy’s head, if the enemy moved behind a wall or an object, the object passes through the wall. It would have been better if they added the ability to hit the wall, and if you are able to miss the head, it would be better too. Another very funny error appeared in a cutscene, where instead of Agent 47 having a gun in his hand, he had his fiber wire, pointing it a the enemy, even though this was an error, it was incredibly funny, and would have been funnier if he shot.


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